Villa Records

Karbon-Karbon EP (2006)
VRCD 008
Jørgen Thorstvedt (vocals), Lars Mikalsen (guitars)

1. Ocean
2. Purle
3. Roses
4. Pinicube
5. Dizzy

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Karbon-Karbon delivers harmonically complex melodic rock on their self titled debut release.

The EP's five songs was composed under the parole "must sound good on acoustic guitar", but from this basis the songs have been orchestrated with fashionable digital synthesis - though with the purpose of recreating controllable "vintage warm" analogue sound.

The result is melodically strong songs that in intrumentation and soundscape creates a synergy between hitech digital and analogue retro.

With this release Karbon-Karbon also wishes to increase the reputation of guitar solos in alternative rock.

The playing time of the EP is approximately 20 minutes.

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