Villa Records

Paradoxal Intervention (2005)
VRCD 007
Louis Stewart (guitar), Knut Mikalsen (guitar)

1. Tres palabras
2. I didn’t know what time it was
3. Yardbird suite
4. Merlin
5. Last summer
6. End of a love affair
7. Autumn in new York/You don’t know what love is
8. Indian summer
9. Polkadots & moonbeams
10. I’m getting sentimental over you
11. Mi Cosa
12. Bumpin’

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Jazz with two guitarists and a number of guitars. Louis Stewart, Irish jazz guitarist of international fame, and his foremost norwegian follower, Knut Mikalsen, in a rather unusual format, using guitars only, excluding bass, drums and other “kitchenware”. The cooperation between the two go back to 1978, and has lead to several recordings, and numerous appearances in Norway, Ireland and France.

The CD title invites to a certain peace from the ever increasing sound pressure from the surroundings. Mr Stewart and Mr Mikalsen has chosen to go in opposite direction on this recording, emphasizing the acoustic sound.

The program spans from Spanish via Nordic to American music. 54 minutes of comforting guitar playing. If anyone wants to try for themselves the accompanying booklet contains a transcription of Louis’ solo on Tres palabras. Harald Løseth has contributed with the liner notes. He is a jazz guitar player from Notodden, and has a.o had a jazz radio program in the region. Johnny Sareussen is producer.

Playing time is 54 minutes. The recording was made in June 2005 at Idefagskolen in Tønsberg.