Villa Records

Core Business (2004)
VRCD 006
Louis Stewart (guitar), Egil Kapstad (piano),Terje Venaas (bass) og Eyvind Olsen (drums)

1. I should care
2. Equinox
3. Manhattan
4. Minority
5. For all we know
6. Titmouse blues
7. Everything happens to me
8. Gone with the wind
9. How deep is the ocean
10. Room 608
11. I can’t get started/You’ve changed.

Playing time is close to 71 minutes , and the recording was made in Rainbow studios in Oslo on October 4 and 5, 2004 .

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Louis Stewart is, and has been for some time, a leading jazz guitarist in his style of playing. The style in mention has its gravitational centre in the be-bop tradition of playing. His earlier merits include a.o a number of recordings and tours with George Shearing, and he has also toured and recorded with Benny Goodman, Stephan Grappelli, Ronnie Scott and Tubby Hayes. He has played with Ruby Braff, Brad Mehldau, Bill Charlap., Jim Hall, Pat Martino etc. Louis Stewart was appointed to Honorary Doctor of Music at Trinity University, Dublin in 1998.

He has played in Norway on many occasions, and won the Norwegian Grammy in 1983 with Laila Dalseth . On Villa Records he has earlier contributed on “Good News” (1986), “Du er så rar” (1988), ”String Time” (1991) and “Joycenotes” (1993).

On ‘Core Business’ Louis Stewart plays along with some of the best competence in norwegian jazz. Recording with Egil Kapstad has long been a wishful plan for Louis, and the reason is obvious when you hear the result of the recording. The inclusion of two of Louis’ other favourites Terje Venaas and Eyvind Olsen leads in the most natural way to musicianship based on a mutual respect for a common jazz tradition. ‘Time’ is always first priority in this ‘company’, and followingly it swings from all corners of this CD. Another general item on the agenda are the slightly prolonged improvisations, offering the musicians a somewhat extended variational freedom in addition to their interpretation of the melodic material.

Review Aftenposten january 2005, rating 5 of 6
(Translated from norwegian by Villa Records)
”Meeting between soulmates
[…] On his own request Stewart met one of Norways foremost soloists in the veteran category, Egil Kapstad, plus two other musicians he has played with, Terje Venaas, bass and Eyvind Olsen, drums, in the recording studio for this session. Together they interpret several jazz classics plus Kapstads “Titmouse blues” in a sparkling manner - and Kapstad and Stewart stand out as something close to twin souls. Very evocative in it’s entirety […] and it widens out at the end in a wonderful combination of ‘I can’t get started’ and ‘You’ve changed’ -SK”
Review Dagbladet january 2005, rating 5 of 6
(Translated from norwegian by Villa Records)
”Smooth guitar playing down to the details
The irish guitar player Louis Stewart […] continues his record collaboration with Norwegian musicians on ”Core Business”: The presence of Kapstad (piano), Terje Venaas, (bass) and Eyvind Olsen (drums) is felt as vital veterans imperturbable authority in every note . The repertoire is standards or close-to standards, from slow-flowing ‘For all we know’ and ‘Everything happens to me’ to Coltrane-blues (‘Equinox’) and Kapstads driving ‘Titmouse blues’. A Kapstad/Stewart duet (‘I can’t get started/You’ve changed’) rounds off this extremely well played set of living, melodic bop/mainstream tradition. -TM”
Review Rana Blad january 2005, rating 5 of 6
(Translated from norwegian by Villa Records)
[…] A long row of classics such as ’For all we know’, ’How deep is the ocean’, ’Manhattan’ and ’Gone with the wind’ to be enjoyed both as good swing tunes and smooth music at the deeper end of the scale. Recommended. -BS”
Review Puls december 2004
(Translated from norwegian by Villa Records)
”[…] Now that he appears in a traditional jazz quartet, I suspect that Stewart is close to peak comfort. Together with the piano lyricist Egil Kapstad, a wish come true for Stewart after a long time, the much under-rated drummer Eyvind Olsen and the monumental Terje Venaas, Stewart obviously had a uniquely pleasant time in supertechnician and guitarist Jan Erik Kongshaugs Rainbow Studio in Oslo. Here clearly four soulmates have met to challenge each other- four musicians born and grown up with a bebop language, who masters it and still loves it. Whether it is ballads, up tempo stuff, standards or original material seems indifferent. Everything is performed with utter xxx and interaction, not to mention TASTE!! This CD will not move mountains; performed here is just extraordinarily beautiful and timeless music. That goes a long way! –TH”
Review Dagsavisen january 2005
(Translated from norwegian by Villa Records)
”[…] With Stewarts elegant, soft guitar playing on top, this CD swings like it should. -RH”