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Releases on Villa Records:

Spring River
Spring River (2008)
VRCD 009
Håvard Graff (piano), Knut Mikalsen (guitar)
Piano-gitar er en gjennomprøvd sammensetning i jazzen. Graff-Mikalsen har allikevel valgt en litt annen vinkling enn vanlig, ved at det meste av musikken er skrevet spesielt for anledningen. Det svinger av det hele uten bass og trommer. Håvard Graff har komponert og har arrangert mesteparten av låtene, mens det er funnet plass til tre standardlåter som er omarrangert.

Karbon-Karbon EP
Karbon-Karbon - Karbon-Karbon EP (2006)
VRCD 008
Jørgen Thorstvedt (vocals), Lars Mikalsen (guitars)
Karbon-Karbon's debut EP contains five alternative rock compositions. The orchestration includes vocals, guitars, and tediously programmed drums and synthesized sounds.

Paradoxal Intervention (2005)
VRCD 007
Louis Stewart (guitar), Knut Mikalsen (guitar)

'Paradoxal Intervention' invites to a certain peace from the ever increasing sound pressure from the surroundings. Mr Stewart and Mr Mikalsen has chosen to go in the opposite direction on this recording, emphasizing the acoustic sound. The program spans from Spanish via Nordic to American music. 54 minutes of comforting guitar playing.


Core Business (2004)
VRCD 006
Louis Stewart (gitar), Egil Kapstad (piano),Terje Venaas (bass) og Eyvind Olsen (trommer)
On ‘Core Business’ Louis Stewart plays along with some of the best competence in norwegian jazz. Recording with Egil Kapstad has long been a wishful plan for Louis, and the reason is obvious when you hear the result of the recording. The inclusion of two of Louis’ other favourites Terje Venaas and Eyvind Olsen leads in the most natural way to musicianship based on a mutual respect for a common jazz tradition. ‘Time’ is always first priority in this ‘company’, and followingly it swings from all corners of this CD. Another general item on the agenda are the slightly prolonged improvisations, offering the musicians a somewhat extended variational freedom in addition to their interpretation of the melodic material.

Bopalong - Road Song (1997)
VRCD 005
Trond Mathisen (altsax), Jon-Sverre Berg (piano), Dag Einar Aasen (bass), Jens-Ivar Dagestad (drums), Knut Mikalsen (guitar)
Bopalong is a Norwegian jazz quintet, first organized in 1995.  The band played a.o on The Guinness jazz Festival in Cork in 1997, Molde int Jazz Festival in 1998 and Oslo Jazz Festival in 1999, plus on the Big Band festival at Sandvika in 1997,2002 and 2003. The band also played on the jazz cruise with Color Line, organized by the Big Band festival in 2004. Bopalong played regularly Saturday afternoons at the music café “Prammen” in Sandvika just outside Oslo from 1995. The ‘Road Song’ CD was recorded in Tønsberg (60 km south of Oslo) in 1997, with Johnny Sareussen as producer. Terje Rypdal plays guitar on four of the CD’s 13 tracks.

Joycenotes (1993)
VRCD 004
Louis Stewart (guitar), Knut Risnæs (tenorsax and flute), Nils Jansen (altsax og flute), Roy Nicolaysen (trumpet og flugelhorn), Henryk Lysiak (piano), Kåre Garnes (bass), Ole-Jacob Hansen (drums), Jens-Ivar Dagestad (percussion), Knut Mikalsen (guitar)
This is a live recording from September 5, 1992. It was recorded in Sandvika theatre, Sandvika being a small town just outside of Oslo. The music was composed by Louis Stewart in connection with the celebration of the centennial for James Joyce’s birth in 1982. It is called ‘Joycenotes’ and consist of six music sequences, blended with the reading of passages from James Joyce’s ‘Ulysses’. The passages are read by norwegian actor Lars Andreas Larssen.

String Time (1988/1990)
VRCD 003
Louis Stewart (guitar), Knut Mikalsen (guitar), Terje Venaas (bass), Ole-Jacob Hansen (drums)
Recorded in two portions, first half in August 1988, then in February 1990 - both times in Rainbow studio with Jan-Erik Kongshaug as technician.

Louis Stewart & 4sure - "Good News" (1986)
VRCD 001

Louis Stewart (guitar), Knut Mikalsen (guitar), Sjur Bræin (piano), Sture Janson (bass), Jens-Ivar Dagestad (drums)

This is a release from 1986, recorded in the legendary Roger Arnhoff sound studio in Oslo. Louis Stewart plucked his strings straight into a five-star “Excellent” review in Downbeat Magazine (May 1988). The booklet included with the CD contains a facsimile of the reveiew from Downbeat, and a transcription of Louis Stewart’s solo on Dream Dancing’. The release in 1986 was on vinyl (still available), and the CD version came in 1989 (executive producer Martin Gulliksen)