Villa Records


Villa Records AS was established on May 1, 1986. The founders were Alv Morten Jølle, Trygve Knutsen and Knut Mikalsen. The company published their first vinyl record in the autumn the same year, with the jazz guitarist Louis Stewart and the Norwegian grup 4sure.

Most activities in the companies first years had it’s base at the address Kruses gt 7 in Oslo, this being the office and living quarters of one of the founders.The name Villa Records has it’s origin from here, and the pictures for the Good News album/CD was taken there.

The ambitions of Villa Records, owned today by Knut and Lars Mikalsen, is to publish jazz and rock, preferably guitar based. The CDs from Villa Records are distributed by Musikkoperatørene
(phone: +47 22 09 69 00, web: